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I saw him post on my wall. And I don't know if I should reply or not. I know I have his heart but I also know that we are apart. I can only state facts - the reality in front of me but not really know what to make of it.

Part of me wants to stay positive and hopeful. I know being with him is going to be difficult but I guess it hasn't quite hit me until now what difficult really means. I want to email him this, right away, but I gave him my word. He needs to create a more decent pattern and a get back to a more normal life with his mind focused in his studies.

Part of me wants to quit. Part of me wants to ask, will I last? will I endure? coz I know a successful relationship relies on constant communication and without it, with this distance, we have nothing.

I feel hurt as I write this, how can I feel pain and happiness at the same time? I do not understand this and it overwhelms me. This pain of knowing that this is just but one of the so many we have to go through.

I can only hope and pray that we both come of this strong. Together.

<P.S. Answers/Words of wisdom do come to you at times when you need it most, was browsing and read a Deepak Chopra quote: "Love is the ultimate truth at the heart of the universe and transcends ALL boundaries." >


August 2010

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